How Does Running Cause Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis

In cases of chronic plantar fasciitis of at least 10 months duration, one recent study has shown high success rates with a stretch of the plantar fascia. 6 Prolotherapy has been shown to be effective in treating Plantar fasciitis. 7 Therapeutic ultrasound has been shown to be ineffective as a treatment for plantar fasciitis. 8 9 Another useful method used by many sports medicine personnel using a frozen can of corn or even a cold soda can and placing it under the foot, instructing the patient to roll the can back and forth with his or her foot. This method provides a stretch and an ice massage simultaneously.

Keep on running, but seek help if your heel pain gets worse while you run or if the heel pain just won’t go away after trying the treatments described above. Once you get rid of the heel pain, keep stretching your Achilles tendon periodically and you can prevent your heel pain from coming back. No more limping out of bed before your morning run! Your doctor may take an X-ray of your foot if he suspects a problem with the bones of your foot, such as a stress fracture. Laboratory testing and radiograph is not necessary for plantar fasciitis. These can be helpful to diagnose other causes of heel pain.

Proper Footwear -if you are going to invest the time and the energy into exercising and living a healthy life I would first invest in a good pair of shoes with proper support. Especially if you have already had your fair share of injuries or are prone to injuries like myself. I have extremely flat feet so I wear inserts that support what little arch I have. Toe breaker posture. On the floor on all fours, tuck your toes under, then sit back onto your heels. Breathe deeply, sitting back further as you become more comfortable in the posture. Release for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.plantar fasciitis stretches

Excess stress – If your foot is used to x number of hours of weight bearing for years, your tissues will build themselves to tolerate that amount of stress. If you then do some activity where you are weight bearing for a much longer period of time, the tissues can be overwhelmed by the extra work and get ripped to some degree. Vacation trips involving amusement parks, hikes or walking excursions when you have a sitting job all week are classic examples of this type of stress. Noah played through the condition in the playoffs but issued a comment that had anyone who has ever endured plantar fasciitis nodding knowingly.

Plantar fasciitis generally leads to heel pain, that would help make the individual believe that he may be experiencing some other condition related to the heel. Yet, a gradual increase in the pain to the base of the foot could concur that the pain sensation is caused by the plantar fasciitis. The pain could increase on pressing the affected and the close by region. Since fascia tightens during the night, the pain sensation is at its optimum in the morning because the foot is moved right after considerable relaxation. Plantar fasciitis tends to strike those who overtrain, neglect to stretch their calf muscles, or overdo hill work and speedwork.

After stretching the related or connected parts of the plantar fascia, you can now head to a cross leg stretch that actually focuses on the arch of the foot. To do such a plantar fasciitis stretches, you need to sit down on a comfortable surface. Take one leg, bend it and place it on top of the other foot, currently stretched. Pull your toes up and hold the back of the foot with the other hand. Feel the stretching of the back of the feet. This directly applies a stretching pressure on the plantar fascia and can be very good in keeping it in good shape.plantar fasciitis surgery